Where can I find source files to Kurt Jaeger's XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example?

Around a year and half ago I bought a used copy of XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example by Kurt Jaegers https://www.amazon.com/XNA-4-0-Game-Development-Example/dp/1849690669. Around that time I remember having found the source files to the book’s projects somewhere online and have since deleted them (regrettably) from my hard drive among other things.

Now having come back to it I can’t find the source files anywhere online anymore. Has anyone been able to find them and if not do they have a copy of it on their hard drive that they can send me so I can use them as a reference?

ReadrX: send me an email at jester.development@gmail.com and I can email you a zip file copy of the code files.

Found it! examples / XNA 40 Game Development by Example Beginners Guide · GitLab
Solution: Search for it using Google as your search engine and not Bing.
Thanks, though!

Glad to hear it.