Where is the content project of monogame 3.4?

I cant seem to find the content project of monogame. How can I add textures now?

I am following RB whitaker’s tutorial on monogame. I really cant find the content project. its gone.

Right,so i need XNA as well. Funny cause I got xna working on VS2015. but ill try VS 2010

I saw some post about the VS 2015 and monogame. Is it supported now? I tried reinstalling VS 2010 and XNA but I still cant see the content project.

The old XNA-style content project is no longer used. We have our own content pipeline that is described here. If you create a project from the current project templates, the content will be built and added to the output automatically when the project is built in Visual Studio.

If you want to open the content pipeline program just double click on the Content.mgcb file in you Content folder of your Monogame Project in Visual Studio.