where should I start for learning Monogames for a simple 2d mmorpg like Playerworlds

Hello all,

Where should I start for learning Monogames. It should start out at, GUI first then server logging in where it can load characters first then add ons? or whatever? I am wanting to start a simple 2d mmorpg like Playerworlds.

First I wanna set up the server (cmd type of server) to project to a simple GUI (create char/login/password/change password,Leave and minimize/maximize/ X at the top) and then it will load to 1 map then graphic chars to the client and the ground to server and 1 mob (More will be added later trees,resources). When logged in you can kill the 1 mob for exp with a sword like legend of zelda. then from that I will learn more code for features for, items dropping,death piles,spells,banking, leveling,clans or guilds with ranks,clan banks. ect.

Thanks am new to this and am willing to learn.

It seems like you have a list of features that you want which is great. Make a list of the features and just try to implement them one at a time. Though if you are asking “where” to learn how to do this that’s a much more difficult question because I don’t think there’s a specific place to look it up exactly what you want.

I would recommend googling monogame tutorials, and looking at the monogame sample projects. Since you said you are new to this I’m going to mention that if you don’t know how to make a single player version of your game then that’s a good place to start before learning how multiplayer works.

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