Which NuGet package?

Hello everyone.
I’m using Xamarin on Visual Studio 2017 Community for Windows 10, which NuGet package should I get to have the full MonoGame implementation?
I would like to create a single, cross-platform solution (shared code + platform specific code).

Thanks in advance for any help.

Bye, Ivano.

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Is there any particular reason you want to use NuGet directly? I find the best option is to download the official windows installer:


Then you have MonoGame templates when you create a new project in visual studio.

Anyway for packages themselves, if you want desktop cross-platform you need this one:

And for IOS / android etc check out this list


All of them available btw if you use the installer.

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Thanks. I downloaded the installer and got the templates in Visual Studio.
How do I create a single project for all of Android, iOS, Mac and Universal Windows Platform?

There’s multiple option for sharing code. You can create a PCL project and reference the PCL version of MonoGame, you can use Protobuild (which MonoGame uses itself for sharing code) or you can use a shared project. There’s pros and cons to all approaches. I like shared project, because there’s no extra configuration (Protobuild uses some build files) and it’s easy to put platform specific behaviour where needed (you need to inject stuff with PCL for platform specific, you can use partial methods and classes in shared project and Protobuild).
Protobuild is pretty great for MG itself because it’s more complex than just platform specific code. For example there’s code that’s shared for desktop platforms, or just mobile platforms, or all OpenGL platforms… If your project will get big and you expect things like that to be useful Protobuild might be better. Migrating to Protobuild later is not so easy I think.

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Thanks. And how do I setup a shared project?

Just so I don’t just copy paste the answer from one site to another: