White image after loading async

Hi all I am loading some of my images into thread:

void LoadContentt()
        var loading = Task.Factory.StartNew(() =>
            Win1 = new AnimatedTexture(12, true);
            Win1.Load(content, ScreenManager.GetAnimatedAsset("win1"), 1);
            Loss1 = new AnimatedTexture(12, true);
            Loss1.Load(content, ScreenManager.GetAnimatedAsset("loss1"), 1);

            Win2 = new AnimatedTexture(12, true);
            Win2.Load(content, ScreenManager.GetAnimatedAsset("win2"), 1);
            Loss2 = new AnimatedTexture(12, true);
            Loss2.Load(content, ScreenManager.GetAnimatedAsset("loss2"), 1);

            WinLoss = Win1;
            _loadingDone = true;

but when I try to access the WinLoss animation and start it I am seeing a white image all over the place,if I load those reources from LoadContent everything is fine,any suggestions ?