Who start walkingGame n the middle of the screen and change the character

Hello every one, I’m new in the world of games and I started with the WalkingGame on the tutorial of xamarin.forms, but I don’t know how can start the possition of the character in the middle of the screen, and how can i change the image of the character .

Any ideas or suggestions?

Tambien acepto ayudas en español… jejejeje

This is the tutorial.
xamarin walkingGame

Thanks every one!

Hello, welcome to the forums, can you link the tutorial you are following so others can assist better.

Happy Coding!

Hola, Bienvenido a los foros, puede vincular el tutorial que está siguiendo para que otros puedan ayudar mejor.

¡ Feliz codificación!

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I’m sorry, you’re right! :sweat_smile:
thanks for the advice…

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