Why Does My Standalone Mac Export Suddenly Require a Newer MacOs Version?

I’m trying to test a Mac export of my game on a Macbook Air that is running MacOs 10.15 Catalina. It worked fine last month, but now I get a prompt saying something along the lines of “You need MacOs 11.X or higher to run”. The laptop is a little old and I’d like to avoid upgrading the OS.

I have no idea what I could’ve changed that would have made it so I need a higher MacOs version to run my game. Does anyone know what could’ve caused this?


I’m using the following command on Windows to create the export by the way

dotnet publish -c Release -r osx-x64 /p:PublishReadyToRun=false /p:TieredCompilation=false --self-contained

This is strange. osx-x64 covers all 64 bit MacOs operating systems and Catalina is 64bit. I’m not sure why it is telling you it needs Big Sur or Monterey to run. The version specific RID for Catalina is osx.10.15-x64

Try either of the following:

dotnet publish -c Release -r osx.10.15-x64 /p:PublishReadyToRun=false /p:TieredCompilation=false --self-contained

dotnet publish -r osx.10.15-x64

Let us know if either of these works or not in case anyone else has this problem.