Why is XNA dead?

Hello everyone, even today I do not know why Microsoft has decided to put out of production XNA, does anyone know?

I think it comes down to their vision changing (flip flopping really). For awhile they moved away from it due to Unity, but lately they have started fully supporting Monogame (as in you can use it to make games for all their products).

But after they moved away from XNA, Monogame started doing the work. Which means there is no room for Microsoft to Reenter the project (which I think is good overall).

A good question to ask yourself would be:

What would Microsoft be able to add to the Monogame currently? If the answer is “not much” then that is why Microsoft has stayed out…

If there ever comes a day where XNA/Monogame is part of Microsoft’s vision, and Monogame is no longer being developed by the community then I am sure they will jump back in :slight_smile:

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In the past I use to play with Managed Direct-X, XNA, Siliverlight and XBap as a hobby in developing games and here’s what I noticed.

After MDX Managed Direct X API was deprecated XNA was born and then they developed Silverlight and XBap Microsoft has 3 framework at that time in making games XNA, Silverlight and XBap blurring it’s own technology in Microsoft ecosystem LOL

When HTML5 and the latest EcmaScript was announced both XNA, Silverlight died along with XBap :smiley:

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@SolitudeEnt @DexterZ Thank you for your answers. :slight_smile:

Microsoft has a long history of silently killing off technologies by not supporting them any more. Silverlight was one “high-profile” case of this; XNA suffered the same fate.

To be honest, even if Microsoft’s XNA implementation was still around today (and some people still use it AFAIK), MonoGame is more compelling; it runs on more platforms and has more feature support and stuff.

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