Why when i install monogame i can't install it in visual studio 2017?

I’m trying to install monogame but the install doesn’t show a check mark on visual studio 2017 templates)))

Although visual studio comunity 2017 I have installed and I have windows 10.

Have you restarted your computer since installing VS?

Usually you just need the VC# folder in the templates directory.


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His installer he is showing shows version

The monogame download page only lists the 3.7. xxx installer as that’s for vs2017?
Were did you find that at ?

Last i heard you had to manually add in the templates for 2017 but i had thought that was in concert with using the nuget which targets core 3 and vs 2019 which can use it. I didn’t even know there was a installer for 3.8 ?

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Good point, now I am wondering…


Install Visual Studio 2019 for heavens sake…