Will monogame run on web?


Since I can only make games suitable for android and web Im asking you if monogame will have support for running games on web browsers.Also if its going to be added,will it be free??.Thanks for reading.

I saw in source code that there was Monogame.Framework.Angle, and it’s probably this angle: https://code.google.com/p/angleproject/

Angle is Google’s OpenGL ES 2.0 layer for Windows, not to allow apps to run in a web browser.

There has been an effort by some community members to port MonoGame to JavaScript, with some success, but there hasn’t been much happen in that area for a long time now.

The most promising approach i’ve seen so far is JSIL: http://jsil.org/. And it seems to be in active development with commits made in the last couple of weeks.

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I was super excited about JSIL and started using it but unfortunately they’re not heavily focused on game dev currently. I ran into some pretty big issues like not being able to copy Matrix instances, and the response I got on the bug was that they were waiting for someone to handle the XNA side of things for them.

Matrix is just one of the issues I ran into, and I think in general the lack of ownership of the XNA namespace is severely limiting JSIL from being used for C# web games.

Edit: For reference this is the bug:

We had some preliminary support for JSIL committed last year…

Since then we’ve had one more commit to make “Web” a platform within MonoGame…

Right now most of the .Web.cs files in the repo only contain empty stubs. We need someone to take the lead on the Web platform and make it run as myself and @hachque don’t have the time.