Will visual studio 2022 work with Monogame?

Thanks james will give it a go, i think most of my work is in the open GL space…

Thank you… probably not that brave :slight_smile: might wait till 3.8.1 comes out

Any links as to where the status or ETA is published?

Here is the desktop GL version, i will remove these after the new one comes out but there here for now to start with:


There is no ETA for 3.8.1 but you can follow its progress on the github roadmap.

There’s only a couple bugs to fix, and mostly a refresh of the documentation to be done. The only blocking thing is that we are waiting for VS 2022 for Mac to release fully. It is currently in release candidate, so its release should be imminent.


Thanks James. I managed to get most bits working. Mgcb however I believe needs core 3.1. To run. Don’t suppose you have a work around for that x. Was keen to avoid installing stuff I didn’t need on a clean machine .

Cheers for the help

Im pretty sure the gl version needs to use net Core 3.1 as its cross platform compared to net standard?