Will visual studio 2022 work with Monogame?

Hello, fellow Monogame users.
So I Am new to game development (or to programming in general) But I follow the get started section on Docs but run into a problem. On the Visual Studio website, they have removed the 2019 version (You can still download it as an old/previous version) So as the novice beginner I downloaded the 2022 version thinking (New is better right) and even in Monogame doc they have written you’ll need to install Visual Studio 2019 or later

So I thought let’s download the 2022 version. But the current problem is that there is no MonoGame extension available in the extension section.

What should I do? Will Installing MonoGame templates from CMD work? T_T
Help needed yours Truly Uneducated Game Dev.

You can code in VS2022 but you’ll have to use the .NET CLI to generate MonoGame projects, .NET CLI | MonoGame Documentation


You can still download 2019 CE, just scroll down the page and look for Older Downloads, you need to sign into the developer portal.

Are you 100% Sure? I mean I don’t want to code or make some little progress and then find out that its all a waste

Yes. What are you worried is going to happen in the first place? Even if you discovered some bug in VS2022 that prevented you from progressing (which is unlikely) you could download VS2019 and continue from there as a backup alternative. MonoGame doesn’t even develop anything specific that caters to either IDE except the templates, which you can generate from CLI. There’s not anything that could possibly happen that would “make it all a waste”

Let me explain it like this, the code files and the project files are standardized and they’re the same for both of the IDE so there’s unlikely there’s going to be any issues there. Same thing with the compiler, it’s the same program that is running for both of the IDE.

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These were the words I needed to hear T_T arigato gozaimasu so so much God bless you may you achieve anything you want (You might think “Wow that too much” But I was about to give up but your comment saved me bro thxs again)

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Just out of curiosity, has any tried MonoGame with .NET 6?

It works perfectly well, you just need too copy the template setup from a VS19 version and correct the dependcies. Like setting Net too core etc. Also copy over a content.mgcb and set the manifest etc.

Im Using the Following csproj setup in VS22 for Directx win desktop:

<Project Sdk="Microsoft.NET.Sdk.WindowsDesktop">
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Release|AnyCPU'">
<PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)'=='Debug|AnyCPU'">
	<TrimmerRootAssembly Include="Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content.ContentTypeReader" Visible="false" />
	<PackageReference Include="MonoGame.Framework.WindowsDX" Version="" />
	<PackageReference Include="MonoGame.Content.Builder.Task" Version="" />
	<MonoGameContentReference Include="Content\Content.mgcb" />

Da gibts die alten. Ich programmiere noch mit der 2019. Denn es ist kein Problem zu warten bis Monogame ihre Projektvorlagen fürs 2022 bereit stellt. Ausserdem ist es problemlos später auf neue .NET Versionen umzustellen. Wenn man auf MonoGame 2D bleibt.
Visual Studio ältere Downloads – 2019, 2017, 2015 und frühere Versionen (microsoft.com)

Yes. And tis blazing fast over the older one maybe 40 percetb…and throws more exception I think, to catch more errors…I get 1000 fps now with heavy physics on another thread. I made a NetStandard core Linking to monogame open GL. ( Which is sort of a proxy since it’s gonna use the one linked to the exe… Then put all content in the core.then exch exe link contents as a shortcut…set to embedded assets on all…
There is an Android sample template for that that shows the way …if I break so t with a setting I got back to the sample…

Put a Private assets tag on the exe project file on the reference to monogame, to be sure it’s using that one and not gl with windows targett…then each platform… net 6 console app maybe linked forms using monogame windows dx… separate thinconsole app for Linux osx with windows GL… I started with a sample … Android is a pain but it’s work now I love monogame now it’s saved me from getting tied to some risky platform like uwp… for windows store if I wanna deploy on jt…then I wrap my old windows .exe in a package installer and get the windows app easily… it’s a pain especially with content and bloated xamarin but it’s doable and will get even better when msoft support Android app in win 11…the emulator in win11 is broken so I use wifi debug to pair then connect phone

That’s amazing that it’s that fast. Gives me reason to upgrade to VS2022.

I meant some apps built in netcore6 even against NetStandard 2 libs get a nice boost in frame rate on release builds due to optimizations they made .the dev studio itself is about same
and didn’t seem to get bloated or anything or too buggy.in my usage with monogame and an old wpf.level editor

Yeah what he said about net CLI. I dont even use Visual studio (its still too slow) but use Visual studio code that is light weight and gets the job done.

I rarely use Commands… well except of a new project but their not that hard even when I run my projects. If you can learn git commands, you can do dotnet CLI commands. Well dotnet CLI is easier actually since its all documented.

HI james.

im just on this journey, any chance you have more details about what you did to manually get a clean VS 22 working ?

Just dropping by to hightlight the fact that MonoGame 3.8.1 (which should release soon) will support VS 2022 (for Windows and macOS) out of the box, both from the CLI and from new VS Extensions which will automate everything.

It is not out yet, but if you’re brave enough and know how to configure local nuget sources, you can already build the repository and start using it.


While we wait, the workaround is to use the VS 2019 templates - but you need to have VS 2019 installed.

  1. open VS 2019 and build a new solution from the monogame template you want to use.
  2. open VS 2022 and open the solution
  3. (optional) save it as a VS 2022 template.

Like everyone had said support is coming in the next update but if you need a template now and dont want to install VS19 or compile the source here is a quick template: MonoGame Desktop DX Template

You can change to GL by installing different dependencies etc, if it doesn’t work let me know.

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I just downloaded the templates, extracted them and exported them as templates, and now I am able to use them.

HI … im not sure what you meant by “I just downloaded the templates” where did you download from? Thanks