Windows 10 Build Error

I’ve installed Monogame on my desktop computer and when trying to build a template project with no alterations i’m getting this error message:

I just wondered if any of you guys could give me a hand?

Thank you!

Try opening your Content.mgcb file with Pipeline Tool and building it.

Thanks for the reply! I just gave it a try but sadly no luck :pensive:

@b-Reynolds - Are there any error messages in the Visual Studio “Output” window?

I just tried this on my laptop with a fresh install of the latest MonoGame development build and it seemed to work fine.

We seem to be getting closer to the issue! I can’t find where to edit the build command. It seems to have trouble with my windows username “C:\Users\BenjaminReynolds(s17” would be the correct path!

I suspect if you move your project out from under your user folder it will work.

Why it is failing with that folder i’m not sure.