Windows 8.1 problem (Thread & Guide.BeginShowMessageBox)

I’m currently porting my game to Win8.1 to support Windows Store but now ran into 2 issues.

Thread class

  • is there an alternative way to use thread class? I’m trying to find ThreadPool but I can’t seems to find it.


  • compiles fine but when I run the app it crashes showing this…

Ok it seems I found the alternative for Thread.

I’m now stuck with Guide.BeginShowMessageBox.


System.TypeInitializationException is thrown when the static class constructor throws an error. Try stepping through the Guide class constructor to see which line is failing.

Ok, I see what are you trying to say. I got this license error or something.


I replaced the CurrentApp class to CurrentAppSimulator then I get this new error.

Something’s tells me that ShowMessageBox is not supported in Monogame - Windows 8.1 store project.

Is there something I missed?