Windows live creators program

I am about to totally give up on Microsoft and there creators program. I cant find any examples sdks or anything does anyone have any information on how to do this

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Examples are strewn across here but what exactly are you looking for?

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Could you point them out as I have searched and there is no Mention for monogame only Unity Microsoft seem to be pushing Unity constantly now a days but Monogame is 100 times better

Be more specific… …

I agree that MonoGame is better than Unity. Unity appears to be getting old as you can tell from their marketplace. Plus, the way you create games with it is rather disjointed. The now freely available “Cry Engine” may become a far better alternative for a game development studio…

What I am wanting to do is implement Xbox live into my uwp app I have asked on the Microsoft uwp forum and get either bumped for off subject or use unity I have the budget package but the UWP project wont recognise it any help appreciated it seems Microsoft have brought out the creators programme very shoddily

Would the following MonoGame site link be of any value in your research…

Creating a MonoGame UWP project

The information here claims to support XBox One as well…

Here is another link to a thread on the MonoGame forums that also may be of assistance…

MonoGame Forum Thread

No that is about writing a uwp app not about implementing Xbox live into a uwp app it’s Microsoft being stupid they have launch a membership program to stop any more indie developers as they have enough

It’s so sad I have followed monogame from the early days and what has been done by Tom and his team is fantastic but Microsoft has decided to get rid

There may be some hope on this as there are a few blog posts I have found where Microsoft has admitted the messed up and have not got the correct sdks ready but they need to get a move on or otherwise they are not going to have any monogamers in the Creative Build contest

I have found the holy grail of links It is about unity ignore the bits about the rubbish engine but the code works if anyone has any issue give me a shout on here and I will be more than happy to help. Message for Microsoft UNITY IS terrible PLEASE PLEASE Monogame is a decent engine do not make the mistake again and drop XNA