Windows Phone 8.1 Support?

With Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC having come out last week(along with phone projects and emulator) I was wondering if anyone had any progress getting the XAML monogame template to work. I tried adding the 8.1 phone project to my 8.1 desktop app but wasn’t able to get anything to draw. After fixing some stuff with Window State (or whatever the fullscreen/halfscreen state thing is) by getting rid of it I was able to get the xaml to display fine, but no such luck with getting sprites to draw. Has anyone else given this a shot?

So the issue was the frame I had for displaying XAML didn’t have a transparent background by default(as it did on windows), once I turned it transparent, bam! my game was the same albet a lot smaller.

Hi smithersprime. Currently I’m trying to use monogame in Universal App project but I’m getting exception when running WP8.1 app saying there is problem with Application/Window state. Could you point me where you made your changes? I can see state handling in MetroGameWindow class but I’m not sure if that’s enough (I will be able to test it this evening). Did you get any more problems with running game on WP8.1 that I should be aware of?
Thanks in advance for help!

Ok, I throw out the ApplicationViewState references but then I got exception that SharpDX can’t load ole32.dll. Any ideas? Thanks