Windows Phone PortraitOrLandscape Template

Hi all,

I’m trying to make my Monogame project for WindowsPhone 8.0 work with both PortraitOrLandscape mode.

I’m using the latest Monogame 3.3 nightly and the template that comes with that. However, if I modify the GamePage.xaml SupportedOrientation to be PortraitOrLandscape, it doesn’t behave as expected. It seems that portrait works in this case, but then when you rotate to landscape, everything gets stretched out funny and it’s not native resolution anymore.

Has anyone had success making a Monogame project work in PortraitOrLandscape on Windows Phone 8.0?

I had almost similar problems with 3.2.2. installer (in that release landscape simply did not work), so i uninstalled it and installed 3.2 through nuget. Now it properly handles landscape mode, so maybe it will also help you.