Winodws 10 UWP fall creators build 16299

I have an issue which I can not find any sensible answer. Due to using .Net Standard I have to set my project to minimum and maximum build of 16299 this works fine on Windows 10 but xbox one fails with the following : -

Microsoft Visual Studio

Unable to activate Windows Store app ‘8ad8b3c6-a443-4672-a87b-15c951672399_2eqywga5gg4gm!App’. The Game1.exe process started, but the activation request failed with error ‘The app didn’t start’.

See help for advice on troubleshooting the issue.

OK Help

Thanks for your reply Mr Valentine but sadly that is simply a link to update the xbox I already have 16299 build on my XBox thats the issue it returns the above error. To give a bit more information I have created a blank game set the minimum to Redstone 2 Creators update max RedStone 3 fall update. This works set both min and max to Redstone 3 and it fails with the above error

Have you tried setting the lowest?

Unfortunately as I have got to use .NetStandard 2 I can only set the minimum to 16299 but I will keep trying to get a more detailed error message

I was actually trying to point out the current version [Not currently in possession of an XBOX ONE :frowning: ]

Have you checked the dev portals for any meta data that may require setting up?

Thanks for your help Mr Valentine. Although a weird one I have managed to change the BEPUPhysics engine so it will use .netStandard 1.4 and managed to target 15063 which fixes the issue and really you should never force you app to only the most up to date version of windows.

This is a very interesting issue though and for anyone it may help what I did when my own program would not work is to create a new empty monogame project with 16299 targeted it failed so I then created a visual studio basic uwp app and this worked so in my basic app I changed to target 16299 and 15063 and it worked. Sounds like there maybe a DLL versioning issue to me but sadly the only output is App didnt start I LOVE DESCRIPTIVE ERRORS NOT!!!

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:slight_smile: Thanks for sharing the recourse.