WP 8.1 Song Start Noise

After I updated to WP 8.1, I noticed that every time my app starts playing a song, a loud brief white noise sound is made, it even happens if the phone app volume level is set to 0. What is going on?

I have been noticing this as well, best I could tell the issue seems to involve around the media element’s position being reset to zero before playback begins. In the end, I was unable to find a good solution and ended up moving back to using SoundEffect.

I need looping and I dont think sound effect is designed to play 1-2 min long sounds…

It’s not, but I made it work by lowering the quality of the compression. Alas, I wasn’t able to find a real fix.

8.1 was available for my Nokia 1520, so I upgraded, no noise, my game works just like when it was running WP8.0. Then 8.1 was available for my Nokia 1020, so I upgraded that too, for this phone there was a brief white noise whenever the game started/re-started.

So I am assuming that this problem does not occur on all WP8.1 devices, in which case this might not be Monogame problem?

Which phones are you guys using?

Am using a NOKIA Lumia 520 with WP 8.1. The loud noise occurs every time the song starts, even if the phone is muted. I am inclined to think its a MonoGame problem since other games out in the store (not necessarily built with MonoGame, but using the MediaPlayer) which play songs dont have this problem.