WP "resuming" results in black textures


I saw multiple topics with this issue “on application resume all textures are black”, but currently none of the answers worked for me.
I am loading textures directly from png files and storing them in a custom texture manager class. When I hold the back button on my phone (to be able to cycle through my other apps) then switch back to the game, for one second the screen displays the last state of my game, then a ‘Resuming…’ text appear and from this point on, my update/draw method will not be called, however, the activated event will run and in this the graphic device is not null (but in this stage i cannot reload the textures). I tried calling the initialize and loadcontent method manually, I tried calling Present on the graphics device, but the screen is still black.
I am using the 3.2 monogame libraries through NuGet in VS2013 Express on Win 8.1 Pro.

Any ideas (except the ‘use the content pipline’ :slight_smile: )?

That’s really strange. Update and Draw should be called and you should be able to reload textures.

I am not sure where lies the core of the problem. I dont know if it is because of an old release of monogame libraries, or it is because I a mnot using the content pipeline, or something else. I thought maybe I should re-create the game, but that is certainly something users will not want, especially if they are already in a game… So I am not sure what to do…?

I still was not able to solve this, but I found, that all my textures’ non-public member’s _texture values are null after a device reset event, though originally they have value. It should not be that hard to solve… :-/