WP8.1 multiple touches slowdown

Hi! I’m trying to port my games on WP8.1 with Monogame 3.2.3 (via NuGet -pre version).

But I notice in one of my game (which is based on multitouch gameplay 4+ touches at once) that if I touch screen with 3 fingers and move them I get fps drop and if I touch it and move with 7+ finger it’s drop even more and can even freeze until I go back in WP menu and back again. After that I tested if it’s a thing in my other game and it still can freeze it with 7-10 fingers moving at once. I tested it on lumia 1520 and 920, first react much worst but 920 can freeze with 7-10 finger, too.

I thought maybe it’s some heavy gesture task so I wrote “TouchPanel.EnabledGestures = GestureType.None;” but it didn’t help at all. All I doing is “TouchCollection touches = TouchPanel.GetState();” in update and using positions from touches that’s it.

Any ideas?


I had the same problem and I solved it.

		while ( TouchPanel.IsGestureAvailable ) {
			var gesture = TouchPanel.ReadGesture ();
			switch (gesture.GestureType) {
                                // ...


@ronnycsharp What was your solution exactly?

@ronnycsharp Thanks, but changing TouchCollection touches = TouchPanel.GetState(); into gesture solution like you suggest didn’t change anything for me, still fps drop with multiple touches moving and still can freeze game with a lot of them. Maybe there is more you did? What gestures did you enabled?

@Nezz just to be clear it happends even if I don’t have any touch code in update at all. Here is the video: http://youtu.be/gSrUaaTeFFk in it I don’t have touch code in gameplay at all.

This look really bad. You are using the WP8.1 version, not the WP8, right?

@Nezz yes, I’m using WP 8.1 monogame template.

Still can’t figure it out. Even if I create new empty WP8.1 project with 3D cube rotationg in template It still freeze with 5-10 fingers.