WP8 certification failure due to unknow crash on Lumia 1520

Hi there,

We are currently having difficulties to get our upcoming game (http://deadend.flying-oak.com) to pass certification on Windows Phone 8.

Reason is that (according to the Microsoft report) it crashes randomly on Lumia 1520 (while working on all other tested devices).

Since we don’t have a Lumia 1520 inhouse (tested on HTX 8X) and we don’t know what the crashes are, we are quite stuck here…

Is there something we don’t know about those new WP8 devices? Maybe it has something to do with the “Lumia Black” update?

We are working from MonoGame source code.

Any insight welcomed. :slight_smile:

P.S.: Android & iOS versions are ready.

Have you tested if it works when you go out and resume the app?

Yes, everything seems fine on the emulator & actual devices. It passes Store Test Kit and we checked all test cases/guidelines we found.

Quite puzzling. We sent it back for certification with some error checking, hoping that MS will point the problem more precisely.

The game has been certified. It seems that the problem we had was due to the app running out of memory. So why only on Lumia 1520 and not on lower-end devices? It is due to the screen resolution (1920x1080) which uses way more memory to handle the backbuffer. .NET had less room for garbage, so we did some optimization to reduce the app footprint.