WP8 Game WIP using Lidgren Network Library

Been working on this a while. Started from scratch in XNA, and built client server myself too. It sucked. So moved to Lidgrens library and works great. Except it didn’t run on Windows Phone, which is my current phone. So took Monogames modified version and made it compatible and now runs a treat.

Game isn’t very far along and graphics not mine. But a hoping to start getting a few games working now that I have the networking sorted. Maybe work on a few more titles.

If anyone wants the library let me know. Took me a while to workout and not sure implementation is good. but its done its job so far.

Heres my game currently running on network:

Here is zip file of my implementation, Hope someone finds it helpful: http://bit.ly/SLuRBk

Hello. I would like to use the Lidgren network in a mobile phone game, or with tablets. I clicked on your link below, but it goes to a page not found location. Are you still able to share your code, or possibly share some information that might help me?