WP8: MediaPlayer and device reset, bug or feature?

I have a “resume music” mechanism in device reset. Basically, I reload the songs and start playing again. However, when done from here, the MediaPlayer “sometimes” goes to the state where it reports it’s state as “Playing”, but is indeed silent. Volume and other settings appear correct as well. Whilst I can circumvent this problem by waiting for half a second before the play is called (so hacky!), I wonder what the proper way to resume music is on Device Reset. How can I be sure MediaPlayer is actually ready to play. I found no way to distinguish a functioning media player from a dysfunctional one in this case.

If you could make a small test project and post it as an issue on github, we could hopefully fix this :slight_smile:

It happens to me also, then i decided to not manage music resume at all and then music started where it ended before suspend after resume automatically.