WP8 MG3.4 Fast application resume?

It seems that the fast app resume for android has been fixed with the latest Xamarin as well as Monogame.

My question is how come my game in WP8 doesn’t resume that fast? Sometimes it would take me more than 10sec to resume (80mb game). I’ve ran several games and they seems to resume fast.

Is there a config to enable fast resume in WP8?

Any help would be appreciated.

there are a couple of things you can do to improve resuming on WP8.

First of all you must merge this change in your local MonoGame source if you don’t want your game to crash after a couple of resumes. It will improve the speed somewhat since it doesn’t create new buffers,etc but not running out of memory is what’s important here.

Then you can merge this which will greatly improve loading speed.

If you have compressed assets from the Monogame pipeline, use this one too. It will avoid one extra memory copy,

And finally, tell ContentManager which assets need reloading and which don’t, avoid to reload/recreate things like SoundEffects etc.

Awesome thanks for giving so much detail. I’ll try this on weekend.

Btw, these fixes will be included in Monogame 3.5?