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I have a problem with the music volume in my WP8 game. When putting volumes values less than 0.7 the music almost can’t be heard. I’ve estimated that 0.8 is 33% volume and 0.9 is 66%. It seems to sound well in 1.0f, although I have the feeling it’s sounding too low too.

Is there any known issue with WP8 volume? (Looking at the sources I think it’s more an issue from the OS rather than Monogame implementation, but I haven’t found anything related anywhere)


I’m having the same issue, using MediaPlayer to play songs. Does anyone know any workaround?

How is volume used on other platforms?
XNA says this:

Volume adjustment is based on a decibel, not multiplicative, scale. For example, when the
device volume is half of maximum (about 7 [this has been written in the old era with the 15 scale, now we have a 30 scale] in the Windows Phone user
interface), setting Volume to 0.6f or less is silent or nearly so, not volume 4
as you would expect from a multiplicative adjustment.
Setting Volume to 0.0 subtracts 96 dB from the volume. Setting Volume to 1.0 subtracts 0 dB from the volume. Values in between 0.0f and 1.0f subtract dB from the volume proportionally.
XNA Game Studio 4.0 Refresh | Microsoft Learn

MediaElement uses a linear scale, but our perception of volume is logarithmic, hence the volume setting has to be exponential. On WP8 a volume of 0.85 seems to refer to 50% volume. I assume this because MSDN says that the default volume is 0.5, except on WP where it’s 0.85 (and to my ears 0.85=50% volume seems to be correct).

Therefore a good approximation could be to use the 4th root of volume (0.5^(1/4)~0.84). I can submit a pull request for this on GitHub in case you want to test it without writing the code yourself :slight_smile:

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Excellent, that makes perfect sense. And seem to work great with 4th root in my initial tests. Case closed for me :slight_smile:

The fix has been merged into the develop branch of MonoGame on github, so feel free to grab that version and avoid having to do all the root calculation yourself :slight_smile:

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How could I decrease/increase the volume of my songs about 10% in MonoGame?
When I start my game, the value of the volume is 1.0f. I know that 0.1f is not 10% of the volume. But I have not understand how to calculate the correct value.

What is the easiest way to change the volume about 10%?

The issue I was refering when I posted this message was (kind of) fixed later in the repository.

So volume should work, approximately, as the XNA counterpart.

Yes, I found out that it works on iPhone too.