XACT XGS format not recognized

Has anyone gotten this error? I cant find it anywhere on the net.
I followed the tutorial to get my XACT project into my game, but I get this error on this line of code:

audioEngine = new AudioEngine(“Content/SoundStore.xgs”);
//wavBank = new WaveBank(audioEngine, “Content/WavBank.xwb”);
//soundBank = new SoundBank(audioEngine, “Content/SoundBank.xsb”);

I noticed the file SoundStore has the extension .xap, but when I change the extension

audioEngine = new AudioEngine(“Content/SoundStore.xap”);

I get the same message: XGS format not recognized

I’m not pretty sure, but I think the .xap file is the one used by the Xact utility, you must compile this to get the other files.

Thanks. …but how do I go about doing that?


Seems as though I have to go over this again, because I followed a tutorial, to get this done, but both my xbox and win folder are empty. I’ll go over this and return here.

Okay, so I followed the example to a T. This time I did a build, which I didn’t do before. I added the three files (not via the content pipeline). I have the following code:

// Using XNA's built in SoundEngine class
        private AudioEngine audioEngine;
        private WaveBank wavBank;
        private SoundBank soundBank;

            audioEngine = new AudioEngine("Content/myAudio.xgs");
            wavBank = new WaveBank(audioEngine, "Content/waveBank_loop.xwb");
            soundBank = new SoundBank(audioEngine, "Content/soundBank.xsb");

I’m still getting a “File not found” exception error. I think I did everything right, or maybe I missed something?

Make sure the build action for each file is to copy on build. Also verify loop is the cue name exactly.

All of this is done already.