Xamarin comes to be open?

Hello guys, I’m new here on the forum and I’m want to share a thing that probably is good news.

I was doing research on the development tools that I may adopt to develop games and I wanted to centralize the language in C#. And I was considering using the monogame at this point. But my main objective is to develop for android and Xamarin Studio is a paid platform that you have to subscribe. I’m from South America and I don’t have a good job right now, so a signup idea is turn off for me.

Before I could consider any other solution I did some research today (21/11), I mean until yesterday the Xamarin Studio website appeared, but now it goes straight to the Visual Studio download area (For mac).

The site xamarin.com now redirect to https://dotnet.microsoft.com/apps/xamarin

And they put their repositories on github

I am right now very surprised, and before to celebrate I whant to confirm to you guys if i´m not I’m not rushing to wrong conclusions.


Hi @Caotic_Bard, and welcome to the forums.

Xamarin is indeed free now as too are private GitHub repositories thanks to the wonderful people at Microsoft.

Happy Coding!

AFAIK it’s been free since 2016