Xamarin compatibility


I have not used Xamarin Android or IOS for my game project yet. I am using a 3rd party 3d particle engine and I don’t have its source code. I want to know if this particle engine or other 3rd party libraries is not 100% compatible with xamarin android and ios then how must I proceed with these 3rd parties to be able to port my project to Android and ios?


You will have trouble with this. The most common route is to use the source code and create new projects for each target platform, but without the source code the 3rd party must either supply DLLs for each of your target platforms, or perhaps a single Portable Class Library version (if possible).

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Yes, that’s right. Out of interest, what 3rd party particle engine are you referring too?

Thanks for your responses. I’m using dpsf engine.

The best people to ask is the DPSF folks themselves. I believe it’s open source and so it should work with MonoGame as MonoGame mimics XNA pretty closely, but there may be edge cases.

Of course I’d consider asking to them when I decide to port my game to android or ios. I have never tested porting a project using Xamarin. Before buying a xamarin license I want to be sure about problems I might see. Why I doubted about this issue is about the xamarin’s online scan tool. I uploaded a few 3rd party dlls which are considered working with Monogame to Xamarin scan site and results are interesting to me. The dll is not complying the 100% of any of the platforms including android, windows 8 and windows phone, even though it ran on Windows. At this point there is a time and support issue of third parties. Of course this is my and 3rd parties’ problem but this support issue is not reasonable for me. If I could find several 3rd party engine alternative then this wouldn’t be a problem to me. I would rather suggest Monogame developers to provide us some specific engines and libraries, at least particle and physics engines (both 2D and 3D).