Xamarin Studio - MonoGame AddIn Starting Project Issue

Hi guys,

I’m giving a try to Monogame on Xamarin Studio today.
I can install the AddIn, then create a Shared project.
Then, it seems that all namespaces aren’t recognized -such as game, Xna…- and all of the code is red.
When I try to build, the popping error is :

Error: /Users/ironova/Projects/MonoGame/Android/MonoGame.Droid.csproj: /Users/ironova/Projects/MonoGame/Android/MonoGame.Droid.csproj could not import “$(MSBuildExtensionsPath)\MonoGame\v3.0\MonoGame.Content.Builder.targets” (MonoGame.Droid)

I think that it’s a link problem, but i can’t fix it.

Do you have an answer, an idea, or a tip?

I’m really entertained about the idea to dev under MonoGame

Ok it’s done!

It was a linking problem : i did not have the needed references, I needed to install Mono and MonoGame, not just MonoGame AddIn.

Here is my solution:

1 - Uninstall the MonoGame AddIn

2- Uninstall Xamarin (yeah it’s extreme)

3 - Install Mono

4 - Install MonoGame

5 - Re-Install Xamarin

6 - Activate MonoGame AddIn -> it’s already there

7 - Create a SharedProject, then modify the “OnCreate” method in the Android part :

protected override void OnCreate(Bundle bundle)


    var g = new Game1();


8 - Profit, enjoy your MonoGameSample.

thanks to @hankide for giving his help.

This link helped me a lot:

http:// blog.jamie.ly/software/2013/04/23/setting-up-a-monogame-mac-application-with-xamarin-studio.html

PS : i don’t have enought reputation to post more than 2 links so the last one have a space between “http://” and “blog.jamie”