Xamarin Studio reference error

I installed Monogame on OS X El Capitan as per the instructions. I tried creating a new cross-platform project in Xamarin on Mac, and creating a new cross-platform project in Visual Studio on Windows and then opening said project on Mac. In both cases Xamarin flags reference errors for MonoGame.Framework, NVorbis, and OpenTK:


When I hover over the red X on the three references, it says “Assembly not found for framework Mono/.NET 4.5”.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to prevent the project from compiling and running, but I’m wondering if there’s something funky in my configuration I can fix to get rid of the warnings.

XamarinMac project has this:

MonoMac project doesn’t have any reference errors:

Having similar reference error issues in Ubuntu Linux.

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I got same problem as you. how to fix it.