Hi all,

I am relatively new to the community here (joined literally 5 minutes ago).

I simply wanted to ask a question regarding Xamarin and whether or not it’s worth shelling out for a platform license.

How stable is it and how well does MonoGame work on it at the moment?


My first experience was testing the famous XNA Shooter. I just ported the code with little changes.
I tested it in windows 8 and in a Nexus 4.
Worked in both plataforms, despite that the game doesn’t have any screen dimensions defined, then the background appeared in a small size.

If you are a student you can buy the Xamarin Professional with a 90% discount (US$ 99) (per plataform).
Also you can get registered in dreamspark.com and get a free visual studio professional license.

I already have a copy of Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate, so that’s not a problem. My concern at the moment is that I am trying to evaluate as to whether getting Xamarin is a good idea for mobile devices.

I would love to hear from developers on here who have had hands on experience with using Xamarin and would be able to tell me the problems they faced and how they overcame them.

Xamarin is really nice to work with, it doesn’t require more effort to setup projects. We used it to port games on iOS and Android. They provide good support on their forum too.

The only problems we had while porting were Android SDK specific stuff, unrelated to Xamarin.

You should also be aware that the VS integration is not available with the indie license of Xamarin.

Alright, nice :smile:

Have you got any experience in using shaders on those platforms on Xamarin? Is it frictionless to get on there?