XAudio AudioBuffer looping

Bug found in SoundEffect.XAudio.cs file.

For SharpDX.AudioBuffer instance, PlayLength must be in samples not in bytes.

public void PlatformInitialize(byte[] buffer, int sampleRate, AudioChannels channels)
PlatformInitialize(buffer, 0, buffer.Length, sampleRate, channels, 0, buffer.Length);

    private void PlatformInitialize(byte[] buffer, int offset, int count, int sampleRate, AudioChannels channels, int loopStart, int loopLength)
        _format = new WaveFormat(sampleRate, (int)channels);

        _dataStream = DataStream.Create<byte>(buffer, true, false);

        // Use the loopStart and loopLength also as the range
        // when playing this SoundEffect a single time / unlooped.
        _buffer = new AudioBuffer()
          Stream = _dataStream,
          AudioBytes = count,
          Flags = BufferFlags.EndOfStream,
          PlayBegin = loopStart,
          PlayLength = loopLength, //<Error must been converted in samples
          Context = new IntPtr(42),

@procfxgen created an issue for this…