Xbox 360 controller, windows 10.

I’ve successfully connected my Windows XBox 360 controller and tested connection and responses using the JOY.CPL applet. I created a Windows Project using the MonGame Windows Project Template. From a clean compile ESC and Back on the controller should EXIT the application. Doesn’t work. ESC does. IsConnected doesn’t show a controller either. Do I need to use a different template or have something else at runtime for MonoGame to recognize the controller? Again, win 10 control panel recognizes the input. Thank you!

I had the same problem but was using the OpenGL monogame. Switching to a Windows Desktop (dx) solution fixed this for me. I’m not sure which one you used from the description

DirectX is the template I’m using.

I’m still struggling to get the controller recognized. I know the system is working as I can confirm all input types using the joy.cpl applet. The project template is Windows Desktop. None of the Gamepad API return expected results when attempting to recognize the existence of the Controller (IsConnected for example). online I found some references for the need to download/copy SDL.DLL and/or SDL2.DLL. While I never received DLL not found errors, I thought maybe there were runtime load attempts to recognize the presence - both exist in the games bin folder with no change in behavior.

Anyone got words of advice?? I would appreciate any/all recommendations.

UPDATE 8/17/2016 - Still not success with the DirectX Windows Desktop template. I did however try the reverse of the suggestion below - I created an OpenGL version - while the game window (cornflower blue) NEVER appears on screen but does register in the Windows taskbar, the gamepad IS recognized at startup and the BACK button dismisses the running .exe. Still issues overall with OpenGL, but at least that version recognizes the gamepad controller.

[SOLVED] - My laptop was a FRESH install of Win10 followed closely with the Anniversary Update. Neither the XBOX Controller NOR .wav files via SoundEffect class functioned. I ended up installing DIRECTx9 using the Microsoft DirectX Web Installer and BOTH the Controller and the WAV files are now functioning.