Xbox one debug guide

Any guide for test or deploy UWP project on XBOX 1? Does it require to enroll under Developer program inorder to deploy it? Any limitation using UWP project vs XDK project?


And maybe some of the many of these:

I’ve found success in taking an XNA game, translating it to MonoGame, and running it under Dev Mode on my XBox One. This guide should be helpful to get the Xbox One into dev mode and attaching Visual Studio to it to deploy/debug:

What your UWP game has access to in terms of API does rely on if you have access to the ID@XBox program though. If you aren’t in that program, my understanding is that your ability to access XBox Live APIs is cut off.

I miss the old days on XBox Indie Games where you could actually tap into XBox Live APIs. Should had tried my luck in writing an online game when I had the chance :stuck_out_tongue:

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This seems to be the latest location to visit.