Xbox one soft keybiard

I am close to having my app complete and have written a TextBox control which works perfect on pc and can type in correctly. My issue is on Xbox one I want to display the virtual keyboard and if I try guide.beginshowkeyboard I get an exception saying not supported. Has anyone managed to display a virtual keyboard on the Xbox one?

Ok after doing much reading and googling I have solved the issue here it is incase anyone else has the question.

                if (inputPane == null)
                    inputPane = InputPane.GetForCurrentView();
                inputPane.Showing += inputPane_Showing;
                inputPane.Hiding += inputPane_Hiding;

Once you have the on screen keyboard showing it works the same as a hardware keyboard

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Thank you for sharing, could you link your source too or was it offline? Eitherway, a greatly appreciated contribution!

Of course it was Another point of help for people I have found if you use the Guide.BeginShowOnScreenKeyboard a lot people myself included are getting an exception about licensing this is not a mongame issue its windows. On my laptop I have no osk but on my desktop I do and the call works

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Keft, Dansker? kan godt forsto kvor du kommer fra haha, boet I Danmark 15 aar siden, using English Keyboard and not using translation atm, but still remember enough to get a message across hahahaha lived in Koebenhavn for four years.

Only just noticed your username as I was on mobile earlier.

Again, thanks, still trying to get my head around publishing for XBOX [yet t buy one, holding out for the diskless models] as the UWP share feature gets rejected for XBOX publishing, though XAML passes… already got several apps on the UWP - or whatever they have named it now [given up keeping track] - store.

Thanks @MrValentine sadly I am not from Denmark I had to come up with a gmail address and lived on Denmark Road at the time lol. Just a quick question for you I have posted a question about new Action<Game1, ActivationArgs>(, passIn) which I know has had a lot of work done could you point me at the right person to get an example?

Haha, my mistake then, just name and country name kind of matched up so well lol

Will take a look but that’s still new to me…


Took a look but umm, guess you fixed it?