Xbox port obsolete and not accepted into certification

I noticed the following when reading the Board Meeting Minutes at Board Meeting Minutes - 2023-11-15 | MonoGame

  • Implement the GDKX target for Xbox and PC/DX12 (because the Xbox port is currently obsolete and not accepted into certification, so it’s blocking for any xbox dev)

Does it mean the current version of MonoGame can’t be accepted by MSFT ? Like, there’s some library version issue (or some other reason) ?

I was under impression that the Xbox port was translating C# into C++, thus it was still targeting regular DirectX, right ?

Are there any workarounds to get the MG game running on XBox ?

As of today your choices are to make a UWP-packaged game and publish via the Creators Program (no concept approval required), or port to FNA (using their GDKX Xbox target) and publish via ID@Xbox (concept approval / NDA / Microsoft Partner / etc process required).

However, given that the new MG foundation is setup and kicking (and well funded at least for now), and they’re obviously aware that the lack of a GDKX target is blocking for ID@Xbox devs, I would expect we’ll be seeing a GDKX MG target in the near-adjacent future. :slight_smile:

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That’s very interesting. Why would MSFT allow UWP-based executable of MonoGame but not for ID@XBox ? Security concerns perhaps ?

Of course, given the “data-mining” pop-up of UWP-based games, that’s not an option.

So, the MonoGame backend has to be refactored against GDKX ? That’s not going to be a weekend project…

Ironically, I do have a DirectX11/C++ 3D engine myself so maybe I should go that route, but I would love to have multiplatform engine given how much work went into the XNA project…

I spent last 2 days porting from XNA 4.0 to MG and it’s going pretty well…

There are other aspects to be aware of besides the notice, you have limited resource access such as 2GB RAM usage.

Unsure how valid this is presently, but yeah.