xinput1_4.dll not found. Windows 10 IoT RP2

Trying to create a game for Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi 2 with an XBOX 360 controller. When calling GamePad.GetState it throws an exception that it cannot find xinput1_4.dll. Has anyone gotten the GamePad to work on Windows 10 IoT core yet?


there’s a fix-in-progress here, if you want to try

Thanks I will get the latest build and give it a try.

The fix in the latest build wraps the call to SharpDX.XInput in a try catch so the exception isn’t thrown for Windows Phone. This fix allows my app to run but it doesn’t allow the GamePad to work with the Raspberry Pi.


you’re right, sorry. There’s an explanation here about this problem from the Z man, but honestly I have no idea about the time for the fix to appear.

I do appreciate the help. This is all new hardware and software so I understand it takes time to implement. I think I can implement a short term fix without using the GamePad class by stealing the XBOXHidController.cs class from the ms-oit/build2015-robot-kit project.