XNA 2d and Farseer Physics port to Html5 canvas

I ported a subset of XNA that works with simple 2D games and Farseer Physics to web html5.
Here is my demo: (also works on mobile landscape mode)

And you can see how I did using Bridge.Net (just clone and start debugging it will start IIS Express and run the game in a browser):

I know people have been talking about Monogame to full 3D webGL and it seems nothing serious has been done so far.
Still, I think a lot of us, including myself, just want a simple 2D game up and running for time being.
I wish to take a step forward and provide the community a good starting point.


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@harry-cpp did some work to get a web GL version working (also with Bridge.NET). Not sure how far he got.

As stated more times than I can counts since people continue tagging me… a good chunk is done, content manager is working, shaders are loading, textures are loading, input is mostly working, windowing functions are working, songs are loading, I just need to find the time to finish implementing GraphicsDevice.cs, because that one is more tricky, and I’m probably gonna need more time than most people to implement it since it will require me reading up on some opengl stuff that I haven’t used.

TLDR. Need someone who is good with opengl to help me out for a day or need to find time to read up on needed stuff and implement the missing piece myself.

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Looks great, I’m definitely interested in 2D WebGL.
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

I wish I could help the webGL version but I know very little about shader programming. And I can see the potential difficulty making it fit into the Monogame framework. Anyway, over the next few weeks, I will be stabilising this canvas 2d version at least to get my games up and running. There are still a few things to do like sound and audio, some Matrix transform calculation, auto screen resizing, taking care of touch-based devices (mobile), then I will start learning some webGL.