XNA and MonoGame on same dev computer?

I’ve being trying to finish my xna game for 10 years. I eventually will port it to monogame. Is there any conflicts with having both xna and monogame on same computer?

It shouldn’t be a problem.

This repo folder from @SimonDarksideJ even helps you to bring xna to your modern Visual Studio environment through a .vsix installer:

The zip files are containing step by step instructions (Readme.txt).

I remember that I did this before on an old machine and it worked flawlessly next to Monogame.

If in doubt try it on a different machine before.

I imagine you’d only have a conflict if you tried to use both in the same project, since the MG namespaces are the same as XNA.

Yes, you can have both XNA and MonoGame installed on a machine and develop side by side. In fact, that is how most of the archive upgraded projects were built. It is also useful for when you are upgrading your project to MonoGame and seeing the old XNA project running for reference.

MonoGame has no dependency on the XNA installers and libs and XNA has no knowledge of MonoGame.

The only thing you cannot do is use XNA and MonoGame in the same project, even as libraries. You either build an XNA project or a MonoGame project.

Hope that helps @SandboxBlizz