XNA GameThumbnail.png

I used the XNA framework before, every time I make an XNA Project, This image is created in the projects directory. GameThumbnail|64x64 I noticed that in Monogame. this image does not appear anymore. What is the image for and what happened to it?

I’ve never used XNA, but that looks like a default game icon to me. MonoGame uses a different one now called Logo.ico that’s auto-included with your game folder. Logo.bmp is also included if it’s a DesktopGL project.

In xna, there is already a game icon included, and it is not the one I’m talking about.

This article says it’s the icon displayed on Xbox 360 and Zune, while Game.ico appears on the Windows version of the game. MonoGame doesn’t support either the 360 or Zune, so it would make sense that it wouldn’t generate that specific image anymore. (As a side note, MonoGame does not include any Microsoft-owned images.)

However, it does provide default icons and splash screens for modern platforms like UWP and Android, which you can freely replace in your projects to make your own nice Android icon and UWP splash screen. They are usually found in a folder called Assets or References.