XNA migration from VS2010 to VS2015

I have lots of XNA projects using VS2010. Have installed Windows 10, Visual Studio Community and MonoGame. A simple game works but I cannot get any of my projects to convert to VS2015. Keeps telling me that my projects are incompatible with the current version but won’t give any specifics as to what to change.
Hoping that someone else has already crossed this bridge.

XNA Game Studio officially only runs in Visual Studio 2010. However, there are workarounds for newer versions of Visual Studio. See Using XNA Game Studio with Visual Studio 2012 (or higher)

Thank you for the reply. I want to use MonoGame on VS 2015. How do I convert a VS 2010 XNA project to a VS 2015 MonoGame project? Content and Library projects don’t appear to be supported?!

To migrate a game or a game library:

  1. Create a new MonoGame project in Visual Studio 2015.
  2. Copy the source code over to the MonoGame project.

As for the content: You need to convert the XNA content project (.contentproj) to a MonoGame content project (.mgcb).

  1. Start the MonoGame Pipeline Tool (Pipeline.exe).
  2. Import the XNA content project. File | Import …
    For more info see Using the Pipeline Tool

I guess there are some tutorials on the Internet. But I don’t have any links at hand. Sorry.

Thanks. This is what I assumed I would have to do.