YouTube video feedback [Video Tutorials for MonoGame]

Hello again! A milestone of 100 subs has been reached - yay.

I’ve started a simple ongoing project, that will span multiple episodes. And anyone can help shape the result - suggest game modifications and I might implement them later.


Nice :slight_smile:

If it helps, you can achieve a pseudo card flipping animation in 2D by scaling down to zero with the x-centre as the origin, swapping to another texture, and then scaling back up to one. It gives you a paper-mario like effect that should work for animating a card turning over.

You are spoiling future episodes :open_mouth: this exact method is planned :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Love your tutorials, Lubiii! Keep up with your good work!

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Part 2 of the first project.

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Just chiming in to support @Lubiii keep at it!

Wish I had more time now but… things have changed for me lately… hopefully I can find more time again soon to play with MG…

Gambatte! :sake:
[Keep Going, Do Your Best - Japanese]

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Another episode from your beloved channel is here! I tried a different editing style (in hopes to make it more comprehensible …and slightly easier for me) - please, let me know what you think. Thanks.

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If you’re so set on making these, at least cover something useful/interesting. There is a hundred tutorials on drag and drop, the basics have been covered for years now.
And use your real voice, heavy accent is still better than a synth

Next part of the first project - adding a scoring system:

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