2022 Audio libraries

It is 2022 , and I was wondering what audio libraries people use with Monogame to develop games.
I am having a hard time trying to decide what to use due to some requirements

  • not interested in MP3 format due to licensing
  • be able to loop or positions music tracks at precise positions so I can do cross fades, advance effects like low pass filters, etc
  • work on desktop platforms (Win,Linux,Mac) in OpenGL

So here is my list so far

  • OpenAL - seems to be very good , source code available in C++, but it is quite old from 2007? I am not quite sure how old was the last update, so in the future we may have compatibility issues
  • OpenAL Soft - software implementation of OpenAL but as per documentation doesn’t support mp3 or ogg (seems to be very old too )
  • fMOD - seems to be good , lots of updates, but there is licensing and logo in all games to consider once you reach certain revenue thresholds, (I do not want to worry or mess with this kind of things).
  • Standard Monogame audio manager with XACT - ogg, wav and compressed audio , not very versatile and limited functionality for looping audio and control of the audio
  • NVorbis decoder - found at GitHub - NVorbis/NVorbis: C# Ogg Vorbis decoder
  • MonoSound - just found this library on 2022/10/26 @ NuGet Gallery | MonoSound 1.5.2 , seems to have to some effects and supports many file types
  • SoLoud - 2022/10/28 - not exactly a C# monogame library but it is a library that can be used by Monogame as sound manager, it is free and has tons of effects and capabilities at SoLoud , this got me really excited because you can apply a lot of effects at runtime and also can do streaming of audio, you can also seek a specific position so it can be used for loops of music, still I need to test more but I feel it is a very good alternative solution. Not sure if this will run on mobile, Linux or iOS.

Just use FMOD. Licensing is not that bad and have only gotten better over time. Adding an extra logo is no big deal and when you actually have to pay for it you’ll have plenty of cash from your game’s earnings. And the thing is stupidly powerful, especially if you use FMOD Studio. Monogame’s audio is straight up hot garbage, better just pretend it does not exist. There is also WWISE, but I am not aware of any good C# ports. And OpenAL sounds like a lot of work.

I just updated my own FMOD library to the latest everything, it does not support mac, but you can add it yourself with relative ease.

I’m using NVorbis (ogg) GitHub - NVorbis/NVorbis: C# Ogg Vorbis decoder
Which I think is supposed to work on Linux and Mac but I have only built on windows.

Thanks you.

I have updated the list above, I started testing SoLoud and it is very powerful library.