32bit DDS cubemap to TextureCube?

Is anyone know how to load 32bit per channel DDS cubemap and turn it into TextureCube?

The content pipeline supports importing DDS cubemaps and exporting a TextureCube XNB file.

yes it does, but only for RGB/8bit. i looking for RGB/32bit

wait, dds is supported?

When I try to import a dds file it says unsupported pixel format, i guess this is the same issue

i got the same issue here

I wrote the DDS importer, so it’s easy to extend. I didn’t think anyone would use 32-bit per channel input data. Is it 32-bit floating point format? What pixel format are you wanting the TextureCube to use?

the dds I am trying to import only has 8 bits per pixel though, and it’s a normal texture 33x66

EDIT: Actually grayscale, so just 8bpp

32 bit per channel for hdr cubemap

I don’t support single-channel 8-bit or 32-bit floating point at this stage, but they could be added.

@11110 and @kosmonautgames If you could supply small examples of 8-bit greyscale and 32-bit floating point DDS files, I can add support for those pixel formats.

sure - https://github.com/iryoku/smaa/tree/master/Textures

The areatex dds files are needed for Subpixel Morphological Antialiasing and they are 8bit grayscale

here is the 32bit floating point hdr map :slight_smile:

Excellent. Thank you.

I will get onto this soon. Pressure to get a contract job completed.

The AreaTex DDS files are 16-bit with 8-bit luminance and 8-bit alpha. We don’t have a corresponding SurfaceFormat (and neither does DirectX11), so the likely option here is to expand to Color.

32-bit/channel floating point textures will be supported when the following PR is merged.

It will need further refactoring to support the 16-bit luminance alpha and 24-bit RGB formats.

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thanks lot…