AltSketch Vector Graphics Library (C# FreeType port, GUI, Vector Graphics)

Hi MonoGame community!

I’m developer of AltSoftLab Team

We are glad to present our XNA/MonoGame integration of our .NET AltSketch Vector Graphics Library

AltSketch Description:

AltSketch is a pure C# CLS compliant 100% managed, without unsafe blocks Vector Graphics Library with Software and Hardware Render Backends for Games, Scientific Applications & other uses of Computer Graphics. All core functionality collected in one lightweight library AltSketch.dll for Microsoft .NET Framework or Mono (including Silverlight / Moonlight). It depends only on System, System.Data & System.Xml assemblies (.NET Framework 2.0).

AltSketch has Software and Hardware Render Backends, contains a subsystem AltNETType - port of wonderful font rendering library Freetype and subsystem AltNETImage for Image manipulations (loading, saving, transformations).

As AltSketch has several integrations with most popular GUI systems and Mobile platforms, you can develop and test a drawing part of your 3D application/game as independent program, and then easy integrate it into your main solution. Now you can draw Graphics in 3D with Brushes and Pens like you do it with any drawing library. It is flexible and useful development method in case of main project bulking and test complexity, or useful for team development process. Now you can develop graphics part of your Mobile applications without using an emulator as stand-alone application, only running on Mobile devices (or Emulator) for final tests.

AltSketch has Virtual File System support with Zip containers for resources loading. All AltSketch functionality & extensions works via VirtualFS and all resources can be loaded as from real file system, so from Zip containers (from files or memory streams).

AltSketch SDK includes wide variety of open source extensions: ported to AltSketch popular libraries (GUI, Plot, GIS, Computer Science, Physics, Graphics etc.): NPlot, OxyPlot, PieChart, ZedGraph, MigraDoc, PDFsharp, GMap.NET, HTML Renderer, Box2D, Farseer Physics, etc.

AltSketch SDK includes many Integration Demos with a wide variety GUI-s & frameworks (all Integrations & HW Render Backends are open sourced, so you can easily adapt it to your applications or improve it if you need):

Windows Phone
Silverlight / Moonlight
XNA / MonoGame
NeoAxis 3D Engine
Irrlicht 3D Engine
Windows Forms (throw System.Drawing, OpenGL, DirectX, DirectDraw)
WPF (throw System.Windows.Media, OpenGL, DirectX, DirectDraw)
GTK (throw Gtk.Image, OpenGL)
Qt: Qyoto & Qt4Dotnet​ (throw Qt.Image, OpenGL)
wxWidgets (throw wxWidgets.Image)
OpenTK / AltOpenTK
Tao.OpenGl (with Tao.FreeGlut)
SdlDotNet / AltSdlDotNet

AltSoftLab Team

Screenshots attached

AltSketch XNA Windows Phone ExtBrush

AltSketch XNA Windows Phone Bilinear-Perspective Transformations

AltSketch XNA Windows Phone RenderBox

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Text Outline

AltSketch XNA MonoGame AltNETType

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Geometry Boolean Operations

AltSketch XNA MonoGame QuickFont

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Accord Face Detection

AltSketch XNA MonoGame GMap.NET Interactive

AltSketch XNA MonoGame SVG

AltSketch XNA MonoGame HTML Renderer

AltSketch XNA MonoGame AForge

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Box2D

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Farseer Physics Car

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Gwen Skinned

AltSketch XNA MonoGame OxyPlot

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Pie Chart

AltSketch XNA MonoGame NPlot

AltSketch XNA MonoGame ZedGraph

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Texture Atlas

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Vector Text Outline Transformations

AltSketch XNA MonoGame MigraDoc

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Single Path Transformer

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Vector Text Double Path Transformer

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Geometry Polar Transform

AltSketch XNA MonoGame Miyagi

AltSketch XNA MonoGame CeGui

AltSketch Windows Phone PDFsharp

AltSoftLab Team

Hi Johnny,

Your library looks great!

I am developing an educational game and I would like to implement the 3D Geometry boolean operations. I could not find a link to download the SDK for monogame or demo project or anything like that.

It would be great if you could share a demo application with SDK.



Hi Johnny,

I just have a quick question.

Are the Geometry Boolean Operations you support is for “3D” or just “2D”?