Monogame Vector Graphics

Ever since I started making games in Flash, I have always had a preference to use vector graphics over bitmaps or textures. In Monogame and/or XNA, it is fairly standard to import bitmaps or PNGs and use those for textures, but I would much rather have the textures drawn at runtime at the expense of detail and performance. One framework I found was AltSketch, although it’s not free and it looks overly complicated. Is there any way to do this in Monogame/XNA? Or will I have to switch to another framework like Cocos2d-x or another non .NET framework?

Thanks for your help!

I used this to import SVG. However I import to a Texture2D and then go from there so once imported is no longer vector.

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@procd Thanks for the reply. I have actually been looking into just that. How do you take it from an SVG to a Texture2D? As far as I know it must be converted to a PNG/bitmap first?

Thought I’d posted before about it! SVG rendering

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Thanks a ton @procd! It will be several months before I actually need this. I’m sure your code will come in handy!