Animation flickers and changing sprites in MonoGame [Need Help]

A video that shows the problem Video I just started working with Monogame and I’ve added to my game some characters and animation but something really strange is happening. If you will look on the video on the first time I run the game. When the character lands the color of the base of her shoe is changing from black to white for no reason (There is no white sole texture in the game files).

On the third time I ran the game you can see when one character jumps the other character shoes freaks out again for no reason. I have no problem to give all the game files and textures I have zero clue on way it’s happening. Thanks in advance:)

I think where you use XY points on the camera and/or sprites positions, it uses default float values, especially if you use Vector. As a result, the camera or spritebatch will try to draw a transition between two pixels. Simply convert to integer, where you upgrade your camera position.

… your camera position … = new Vector2 ((int) Xpoint, (int)Ypoint);

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You are a true hero, I spent the last 3 days in countless online forums, Youtube videos and different websites and no one had an answer for me.
You made my day thank you so much.