Anyone know if this XNA 4 tutorial info is still good?

The tutorial code looks different from my working monogame code… It checks out for errors, but still crashes.

Notice how it sets effect parameters, different from what I’ve seen, and that is the part that crashes.

On that note, if anyone has a tut that they can VOUCH for, I would appreesh. Trying to learn basic 3d shading… I can position models, move them, adjust the camera, but I CANNOT figure out how to replace the standard effect with a new one… I remember it was hard for me to figure out shaders for 2d as well. The information / tutorial population seems sparse to the extreme, compared to other tutorial subjects… Everybody is using drag and drop unity stuff :slight_smile:

Had a quick scan of the article, the theory looks fine and unchanged, and tge code for xna 4 should be OK to, but might need a massage.

I did a few posts on lighting back in the day, an archive you can find here

I also migrated this code to MonoGame and you can play with that here