Are there any more Windows 8 games made with MonoGame?

I’m compiling a list of Windows Store Games made with MonoGame:

Windows 8 Games made with MonoGame

I’ve included the ones I know about, which is only 4 at the moment. I’m ordering them by their store rating (US + UK combined). I’ve also tried to take into account the number of reviews, but the way I’m doing it needs some work as my game with only a few reviews is top, which doesn’t seem right.

Anyway, please let me know any more made with MonoGame Windows 8 games that I should include.



I’ve found a new one mentioned on the MonoGameTeam twitter stream:

Tile Rider

Looks pretty good too.

Hi NoggingBox!

all my Win8 games are made with MonoGame. Unfortunately I found windows 8 being the most annoying to port (due to WinRT “particularities”), combined with a very low number of downloads I decided to stop porting to windows 8, so most games are probably 1 year old without updates.

( I can’t link the “more apps” so here is one of the games, just follow the “more apps” link )

Also, searching by “showcase label” in the forum may yield you some more products MonoGame Windows 8.

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Thanks @KakCAT

Added all your games. Looks like 3D Puznic is your best rated game, so having a quick play while I have my lunch.

This list is starting to feel a bit more complete now.

Still there is a lot more out there, but we’ve never closely tracked it.

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I have a few games published in the store:
Wizard’s Tower
North Pole Invasion
…and one more, but as a new user I can only put 2 links in a post right now.

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@GlowPuff I’ve added your 3 games including Holiday Rush.

I’ve got 12 now, but I’m sure there are hundreds. I’ll keep collecting and hopefully this list will become a good place to see what can be done with MonoGame and Windows 8.

Here is one for the magic 13 :slight_smile:
Rum Run

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My game - [Cute shogi][1]

@Tom can you pin this topic please ?

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@Nezz, @Shqrdx I’ve added Rum Rum and Cute shogi, so we’ve gone to 14 now, not staying long on magic 13.

@Shqrdx thanks for the suggestion to pin, but not sure this is quite pin worthy. If people keep adding their games and liking this topic then it will stay near the top.

I pinned it… at least for a while.

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Nice job. Can you add our game too?

‘The World of Dr. Pickaxe’ ,

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I made a win8 game Tower Invaders

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Hi - do Windows Phone 8 games count? If so, please include my recently released game Pedra:

Many thanks, Ian.

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@nkast, @maximm8 I’ve added The World of Dr. Pickaxe and Tower Invaders to the list.

@Ian_Weeks I’m just working on Appy Ninja Windows 8 at the moment. If the site does well, I’ll expand to cover Windows Phone 8. Just checked out Tetra and it was a fun challenge. Will play it more on my next train journey.

Duh… “TY the Tasmanian Tiger”…

… by @KonajuGames working at Krome Studios.